RISA BINDER, Warehouse Records artist, recently released her new single on iTunes, Amazon titled “You Came Along”. Check it out HERE. Produced by Luke Wooten (Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley, Kellie Pickler), Risa’s debut EP, NASHVILLE, featured a collection of songwriters that included Chuck Jones (Patti LaBelle, Reba McEntire), Matraca Berg (Deana Carter’s “Strawberry Wine”), Phil Barton, and more. Her single from NASHVILLE, “Gotta Have You,” debuted at #26 on the iTunes Country Releases chart, and Risa has opened for music greats such as James Taylor and Ronnie Milsap. Her song, “Just Like That,” was prominently featured on “General Hospital,” earning her an Emmy nomination for “Best Song in a Daytime Drama.”

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1) What inspired you to become a recording artist in country music?
I was always inspired by the truth and storytelling in country music, so when I write songs, they naturally sound country.

2) Tell us about your new single, “You Came Along.”
“You Came Along” is such a fun song! It was written by some amazing writers in Nashville – Locash — Phil Barton and Lindsey Rimes. When I was touring for my last single “You Haul” this summer, I was pregnant, and we realized that “You Came Along” was the perfect song to introduce my little girl into the world!

3) You’ve opened for Ronnie Milsap – what was that experience like?
I spent a year on the road opening for Ronnie, and it was incredible to watch all the audiences singing his songs back to him…I was so honored to be a part of his tour!

4) Tell us about your songwriting experiences – what do you enjoy about the process
I love co-writing – it’s a lot like dating! You meet some people you may have never met before; you share ideas, and you leave the day with a finished song! I’m always so inspired leaving a writing appointment with a fresh new song!

5) Tell us about your favorite moment on the road.
I think my favorite moment on the road so far happened on an Arizona stage was opening for Ronnie. The audience’s energy was so positive, that I took that audience with me in my mind as I continue to perform.

6) We hear you love to do “sweet and greets” at your shows – tell us about the experience
Yes! I’m just about to do another sweet and greet on tour this week! It’s so fun! I get a local bakery to donate something small and sweet, and after the show during my meet and greet, we hang and eat!

7) What do you enjoy doing when you’re off the road?
When I’m off the road I love being a tourist in my town — discovering new coffee shops and exploring boutiques and bookstores.

8) You’re now supporting an organization called RADD, which is “The Entertainment Industry’s Voice for Road Safety,”encouraging college students that if they drink, they should find alternative ways of getting home other than driving themselves. What are your personal experiences in this area that draws you toward their message?
Although I’m not a huge drinker, I definitely hung out with people who were in college, and we would go out dancing and have a great time. Many times I was the designated driver, but there were other times we called a cab…now there are so many other amazing ways to get to and from places ..call a Lyft ..it’s great to have fun, but be responsible and get home safely!