Binder opens up to CS Country about having the best year ever since filming the music video for ‘You Came Along’ just weeks after giving birth.
by  Chelsea Cannon
June 14, 2018, 1:17 pm

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Risa Binder has a lot on her plate these days and somehow still manages to be the bubbly, fabulous person we know and love.

This year, the country songstress released her new single “You Came Along” and welcomed a baby girl named Lielle shortly after. If that wasn’t enough, she filmed the music video for her single just weeks after giving birth — talk about being a super mom!

CS Country was able to sit down with Risa during her hectic 2018 CMA Music Festival schedule to discuss these life changing events happening one right after another and what the songstress is learning about her new mom lifestyle.

Check out our full Q&A with Risa Binder and make sure to check out the music video for “You Came Along” below!


CS Country: This is one of the best weeks to be in Nashville, do you have a specific CMA Fest memory that sticks out in your head?

Risa Binder: “I came here as a fan a couple of years ago, and just kind of said a prayer that maybe one day I could perform and so, I think it was the (Nissan) stadium show I went to, that was a fun memory; and then I think for me personally, last year getting to play the Hard Rock Stage, and being announced and putting out my first single last year, ‘You Haul.’ That’s probably my favorite.”

CS Country: You just released the music video for ‘You Came Along’, and CMT premiered it! Where were you when you watched it for the first time on 

Risa Binder: “I was sitting in my bedroom actually, with my newborn! I had tears in my eyes and my husband was with me, so that was really really cool.”

CS Country: And she (Lielle) was in the video!

Risa Binder: “She was! She was at the end, and it was so amazing and, that was a crazy day. We basically drove an hour outside of Nashville to film (the video). We packed it up, and camped out in our car, and made it happen, it was so fun.”

CS Country: How long did it take to film the music video? 

Risa Binder: “It was a two day, I think – but I think for us it was about five and a half hours, but it was so awesome. It was the first I’ve ever, um, filmed something that had drones. So, when we were driving up, there were these drones filming the young couple running down a field, and I was like ‘this is going to be so good.’ It was very exciting to see.”

CS Country: You released the single in March, and the baby had just been born. How is it balancing motherhood and being an artist while connecting with fans?

Risa Binder: “She was born February 8th – thank god for my team because we had prepared before hand, and I knew that there was the baby coming, then a video, and then the releasing of the single, so we were prepared, and we all put our heads together and made it happen. She’s 13 weeks now – I know it sounds nuts, but she was born, but I feel like I was also born in a way becoming a new mom. Sometimes I can’t even believe I AM a mom, I feel like I’m nannying for someone, but in the best way. I mean, she’s SO sweet – it definitely makes any free time you have that much more special. Really, that’s when I do a lot of my social media. I try to do it (social media) ever single day, so when I have 20 minutes to an hour – even if I have no make up on, I’m like ‘Okay! Get into a room and film something!'”

CS Country: What was the process for picking the single?

Risa Binder: “Haha! Heather (my publicist) and I were on the road all last year with my first single ‘You Haul’, and it was basically listening to what was coming down the pike. I have nine new songs recorded for a next album not knowing when it’s coming out – so we sat in the car just listening to things, and we thought it was going to be one song, and Heather listened and said, “Nope! That’s not it!” So she said, “here’s the one it’s gonna be.” What was weird and crazy was that when I recorded ‘You Came Along’, it was a long song about a guy basically, I didn’t know I was pregnant. So, when it became clear that we were having a baby, I was like “wait a minute, You Came Along is about her (Lielle). Then we got very emotional about it – it just locked in. It’s been so cool to have this be the second single.”

CS Country: What else is happening for you in the next couple of months? 

Risa Binder: “More touring, doing a show in July for a St. Jude benefit, which I always love doing, and just getting out on the road and getting the single out there!”


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