Risa chatted with The Digital Journal about her new single "You Haul"! Read the piece below or see more on TheDigitalJournal.com.

By Markos Papadatos     Aug 11, 2017
Up-and-coming country songstress Risa Binder chatted with Digital Journal about her new single "You Haul," as well as the digital transformation of the country music scene.

On her new song "You Haul," she said, "I had the title of the song for a while, and waited until I was in a co-write with friends who would find the idea funny. We decided it would be about 'What would happen if you were going through a breakup but instead of it breaking your heart, your friends came over and helped you celebrate the breakup!' So we wrote about that. A Breakup, Pack it Up, Party!"

Regarding the concept for the song's music video, she said, "The concept was about creating that party vibe on set while packing up the house. I was looking forward to breaking things on set too. So we thought about what my boyfriend would have around the house that we could break, which is totally opposite from my personality. I would probably never do that in real life. My director, Patrick Tohill, went to a Goodwill and found old trophies and a lava lamp and we had a blast filming all of it!"

On her future plans, she said, "Right now, I'm on a radio tour for 'You Haul,' which is so amazing. We are traveling the country meeting radio music Directors and DJs and performing for them. My future plans include continuing to tour, write, record adding in more live shows. I love performing live."

Her biggest influences in country range from Reba McEntire, to Shania Twain, to Martina McBride and Mary Chapin Carpenter. "There are so many incredible female artists and they inspire my writing and live performance," she admitted.
On the digital transformation of the country music industry, she said, "I couldn't predict that there would be so many different avenues online to find music, which makes it easier to access the music. I can reach my audience more immediately and connect on a personal and creative level," she said.

When asked how the songstress uses technology in her daily routine, she responded, "I am a huge fan of social media. I see it as a platform to brighten people's day and inspire people to live their happiest life .I try to make it a routine to post inspirational messages and simple things that make me happy such as a cup of coffee from my favorite shop. A quote that motivates me: 'If I can make one person's life more positive in a day, then I feel like I'm doing my job."
She listed Brett Eldredge and Canaan Smith as her dream male duet choices in country music. "I am a huge fan of Canaan Smith. We wrote together when I first got to town and I loved singing with him on the demo we did. I look forward to possibly singing a duet with him in the future! That would rock," she said.

For her fans, she concluded about "You Haul," "I recorded the song with producer Luke Wooten who has produced Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley, Kellie Picker, and several other incredible performers. If you listen closely to the song towards the end, my girlfriends came to the studio and had wine with me and we hung out and created a party vibe in the studio when we recorded it so there are parts where we are yelling and laughing in the background toward the end of the song. It was so much fun!"

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