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Posted On 29 Nov 2017
By: Leah Brungardt

The newest single from the singer-songwriter Risa Binder is called “YOU HAUL.”  It’s a killer song (and video) about “hauling” your ex’s belongings after a breakup, and was co-written by Risa, produced by Luke Wooten (Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley).  Check it out HERE.

Risa, on Warehouse Records, just released “You Haul,” on iTunes, Amazon, and to country radio, and is currently on a radio tour.  Risa recently performed on the Hard Rock Stage at CMA Fest;  and was chosen for iHeartRadio / AT&T’s “About to Break” series as one of several artists to be featured for the special campaign.  Her episode was backed by a bank of on-air spots running across format relevant stations, along with national social and digital support on iHeartRadio and AT&T.  Risa’s earlier song “Just Like That,” was Emmy nominated for “Best Song in a Daytime Drama” after its prominent feature on “General Hospital.”

Risa’s previous single, “Pretty,” was recently released to iTunes and made its radio debut on SIRIUS/XM’s “The Highway.”   Risa also recorded “Pretty” with Luke Wooten, and is currently in the studio with him to finish her forthcoming full length CD.  Risa has already opened for such legends as James Taylor and Ronnie Milsap, supporting her debut country EP, NASHVILLE, which was also produced by  Wooten.  The EP features a collection of songwriters that includes Chuck Jones (Patti Labelle, Reba McEntire), Matraca Berg (Deana Carter’s “Strawberry Wine”), Phil Barton, and more.  Her song, “Gotta Have You,” debuted at #26 on the iTunes Country Releases chart, and quickly entered into heavy rotation on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio’s “The Highway” channel earlier this year. Additionally, Risa’s song “Just Like That,” was nominated for an Emmy for “Best Song in a Daytime Drama” after its prominent feature on “General Hospital.”

Yahoo! Music has praised Risa’s “distinctive flair for the storytelling aspect of country music,” and Country Weekly says “(the song will) make you want to visit” (the city). The EP follows up Risa’s debut album PAPER HEART, which earned her comparisons to Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillat, and spotlights from the Billboard, Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Tonight and M Magazine.


Thanks for your time for another All Access today! Where does this interview find you? Is there music playing in the background? If so, what is it? What music gets you instantly out of a bad mood? What is a song you are loving these days?
Thank you for the interview! Today I’m at the Mohegan Sun getting ready to perform for a radio listener show tonight! I’m still obsessed with the latest Lady Antebellum record Heart/Break so that always puts me in a great mood. I’m also loving the new song Keith Urban song “Female” it was written by some of my hero songwriters

Growing up, did you always want to be a musician? Can you recall your earliest musical memory? Was there a time where you thought of doing something completely different?
I always wrote songs..and sang from when I was in elementary school…I remember clearly wishing that a girl would move next door to me so I made up  song and sang it out the window and then a week later 5 girls moved next door!! That was the first time I realized that Music is Magic.

Musically, did you approach this year any differently then you did last year? How has 2017 been treating you and your career? What are you most excited about for in 2018?
2017 has been the most exciting year yet for me musically! Having my single “You Haul” being played on country radio has been a dream come true and I’m thankful that it’s being received so well! We started the radio tour he day after I sang at CMA Fest in Nashville in June it’s been an incredible adventure so far! I’m so excited to take my live show on the road more in 2018! To revisit the places that have played me on radio and perform for them and to open for some great country acts in 2018!

I always like to ask artists about where they came from and how that city or town has influenced them as an artist now. So how do you think your hometown has affected you and your music today? What about your life in Nashville today?
My hometown of Columbia Maryland is so supportive of the arts. I absolutely loved growing up there..and then living in New York for a while before moving to Nashville was dreamy too! I get inspiration to write from the people and energy of New York..I love being on the subway and hearing different languages and studying people.

When I first discovered Nashville about 8 years ago …it was like a magnet was pulling me there. Every time I visited something synchronistic would happen..something “Meant to be” …I knew I would end up making my home there!

Let’s talk about your latest single, “YOU HAUL.” Where did the inspiration for this track come from? How different do you think it is to anything else you’ve previously released?
You Haul was a title I had for a while and I knew I had to wait for the right cowrite to make it work..when I met Vanessa Oliverez and Karl Rybecki I knew they would get my silly idea and help me make it better than I could on my own! We had a blast writing it and I knew we had something special when it was finished has a fun attitude about it which is different then most songs I write

How do you think have continued to grow as an artist over the years? What has changed about the way you write music and ultimately put together a song? What were the songs like that you wrote as a young girl? Do you still have them? 
Every time I write a new song..or perform on a new stage I think I grow as an artist. I love learning and soaking up new ideas like a sponge so I’m always open in a room and I try my hardest to be positive and say yes to all new ideas

I still do have some of the songs I wrote as a little girl..I journal so they are in my many diarys

You have had so many amazing touring and performing experiences, can you pick a few that really stand out the most to you? Do you still get nervous right before you are supposed to go on stage?
I love the nervous excited feeling I get before performing.. there is a joy there too get to share my music on stage with you..which is one of my favorite feelings in the world..I think the two experiences

What are some upcoming show dates you have this fall and winter?
I’m on radio tour so I’m performing at stations across the US and it’s so fun! We just did a listener show in Colorado and 2 days ago we did two listener shows in Mayland this week!

With the summer over now, what was something fun or new that you tried this summer?Actually this summer I found out that I am pregnant! So that’s new! Haha! I’m due in February!

How active are you on social media? How important do you think it has all been to your career? Do you find that it’s hard to keep up to date on all the different platforms?
I am on social media every day and I love using it as positive place to bring joy to my friends and fans! It’s become a daily ritual when I get my coffee in the morning to share some fun stuff with everyone online.

We are living in a crazy and at times rough world right now so I am curious how you think being a musician gives you the most joy in life today? Do you think that new music being created today is going to reflect these difficult times? 
I think there is an “artist in every person” and the more we are creative and hone our skills of creativity…themore good and hope we can put out into the world. Music is a connector and a healer…I love bringing joy to people in my live shows and hearing their stories afterwards..

Who are some of your favorite artists or rather, what musicians have continued to inspire you and your music? What musicians would you absolutely love to work with in the future?
I’m so inspired by great songwriters Nicole Galyon..Shane Macanally ..Phil Barton..Emily Shackleton great artists like Reba, Shania, Garth Brooks and new artists like Cam and Canaan Smith ..Lucie Silvas..Carly Pearce..Raelynn

What do you hope fans take away from your music? Do you think there is a message to a lot of your songs?
I hope fans leave my show feeling inspired..feeling happy..knowing they can carve out the dream that’s in their hearts and make it happen! Keep following

What advice would you give to a young person who is thinking about becoming a musician one day?
There is only one you. And You have an important story to tell. Stay in your own lane and carve out your own’s a roller coaster ride for sure…but connecting with your audience through song is the most rewarding feeling!

Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers about yourself, your music or the show?
Check out the “You Haul” music video on YouTube ..we break lots of stuff on set and I lost my toaster in the making of the video.

I would love to see ya at a future show! Connect with me online! My website is and you can find some fun stuff on there ..Follow me on Instagram and twitter at @risastuff and on Facebook at Risa Binder!


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