Although Risa Binder hails from Brooklyn, the singer-songwriter has a distinctive flair for the storytelling aspect of country music, something she's honed via time in Nashville working in Music City's famed songwriting camps. Her debut release, "Paper Heart," even earned her comparisons to one of the town's most lauded storytellers: Taylor Swift!

Yahoo Music is pleased to premiere the first single off Binder's forthcoming EP "Nashville," which is titled "Burning Down the Dark."

As Binder explains, the song was a thrill to create: "I was so excited to get to record "Burning Down the Dark." From the moment I heard it, it reminded me of how it feels to kiss someone for the first time. Exciting, uncharted territory. "

"My upcoming EP 'Nashville' gives me the same kind of feeling," she continues. "Working with producer Luke Wooten from day one just felt right. From hearing Dan Dugmore play pedal steel on every song to singing 'Easy to Remember,' a song co-written by one of my writer heroes Matraca Berg ('Strawberry Wine"), to the massive 'Gotta Have You' and more. I can't wait to bring these songs to life onstage and share them with you!!"

Fans won't have too much longer to wait. "Nashville" is planned for an early summer release. To keep up with Binder's schedule, visit her Facebook page.

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