Taste Of Country Lists 17 Songs From Women in Country That Demand Attention

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The lack of women on the radio and popular streaming playlists isn't due to a lack of content. With little effort we found 17 songs from rising female singers in country music that deserve your attention and respect.

A few of the names you'll recognize (Kelsea BalleriniKacey MusgravesLindsay Ell), but none of the songs on this list have reached critical mass. That means they rest outside of the Top 40 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart (if they've been released as singles) or they're album cuts yearning to be much more. "Contact High" will melt the strings off a guitar, yet Caitlyn Smith remains an underground act appreciated by very few. Morgan Myles' "Acapella" is pure bliss, yet this talented vocalist is still very much on the outside looking in.

Risa Binder, "You Came Along"

The country vocal powerhouse's energetic new single is a reckless expression of love. Risa Binder may be an unfamiliar name to you but one listen of "You Came Along" will leave a fast impression.

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RADD Interview: ‘You Came Along’ and New RADD Supporter

RADD Interview: ‘You Came Along’ and New RADD Supporter

RISA BINDER, Warehouse Records artist, recently released her new single on iTunes, Amazon titled “You Came Along”. Check it out HERE. Produced by Luke Wooten (Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley, Kellie Pickler), Risa’s debut EP, NASHVILLE, featured a collection of songwriters that included Chuck Jones (Patti LaBelle, Reba McEntire), Matraca Berg (Deana Carter’s “Strawberry Wine”), Phil Barton, and more. Her single from NASHVILLE, “Gotta Have You,” debuted at #26 on the iTunes Country Releases chart, and Risa has opened for music greats such as James Taylor and Ronnie Milsap. Her song, “Just Like That,” was prominently featured on “General Hospital,” earning her an Emmy nomination for “Best Song in a Daytime Drama.”

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See the full interview HERE.


1) What inspired you to become a recording artist in country music?
I was always inspired by the truth and storytelling in country music, so when I write songs, they naturally sound country.

2) Tell us about your new single, “You Came Along.”
“You Came Along” is such a fun song! It was written by some amazing writers in Nashville – Locash — Phil Barton and Lindsey Rimes. When I was touring for my last single “You Haul” this summer, I was pregnant, and we realized that “You Came Along” was the perfect song to introduce my little girl into the world!

3) You’ve opened for Ronnie Milsap – what was that experience like?
I spent a year on the road opening for Ronnie, and it was incredible to watch all the audiences singing his songs back to him…I was so honored to be a part of his tour!

4) Tell us about your songwriting experiences – what do you enjoy about the process
I love co-writing – it’s a lot like dating! You meet some people you may have never met before; you share ideas, and you leave the day with a finished song! I’m always so inspired leaving a writing appointment with a fresh new song!

5) Tell us about your favorite moment on the road.
I think my favorite moment on the road so far happened on an Arizona stage was opening for Ronnie. The audience’s energy was so positive, that I took that audience with me in my mind as I continue to perform.

6) We hear you love to do “sweet and greets” at your shows – tell us about the experience
Yes! I’m just about to do another sweet and greet on tour this week! It’s so fun! I get a local bakery to donate something small and sweet, and after the show during my meet and greet, we hang and eat!

7) What do you enjoy doing when you’re off the road?
When I’m off the road I love being a tourist in my town — discovering new coffee shops and exploring boutiques and bookstores.

8) You’re now supporting an organization called RADD, which is “The Entertainment Industry’s Voice for Road Safety,”encouraging college students that if they drink, they should find alternative ways of getting home other than driving themselves. What are your personal experiences in this area that draws you toward their message?
Although I’m not a huge drinker, I definitely hung out with people who were in college, and we would go out dancing and have a great time. Many times I was the designated driver, but there were other times we called a cab…now there are so many other amazing ways to get to and from places ..call a Lyft ..it’s great to have fun, but be responsible and get home safely!

Risa Binder Talks With Country Beat Magazine

Risa Binder Talks With Country Beat Magazine

Country Beat talks with Risa Binder about her latest single, "You Came Along," touring, and more. Read the full piece on CountryBeatMagazine.com HERE.

By Neal Nachman | Posted on August 9, 2018 by Neal Nachman

Singer/Songwriter Risa Binder has been making quite a name for herself since she arrived in Nashville. The country songstress recently released her new single, “You Came Along” and welcomed a new baby girl earlier this year. Her baby girl, Lielle, even made her music video debut in her latest video. The single was co-written by Phil Barton, Lindsay Rimes and LOCASH’s Preston Brust and Chris Lucas. Risa states, “I actually recorded the song almost a year ago, before I knew that I was even pregnant. Luke (Wooten) picked the song and we recorded it. It was a love song to me about my boyfriend or my husband, or people in my life. Then when we decided that it was gonna be the single. The song even had more of a meaning to me, because we found out we were pregnant. The song, ‘You Came Along,’ is now about my daughter, Lielle. It became something even more special than we could have ever imagined.”

Her first EP, “Nashville,” was released in 2014, which was when she first started worked with producer Luke Wooten (Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley). Since the release of her EP, she has continued to record and release singles. The song, “You Haul,” which was released last year and climbed into the Top 40 on the MusicRow charts. Risa says, “The song came out last June. We released the single, and it went to country radio. It was my first Top 40 on the MusicRow chart, so that was awesome. ‘You Came Along’ was released earlier this year and now it’s climbing the charts. So that’s super exciting.”

Risa has been honing her songwriting craft through the years. When asked about her songwriting process, she says, “I’m a melody chorus girl, so a chorus will come to me if I’m driving or in the shower, or in the weirdest places. I’ll just be like, ‘This is sticking. Let me just record this really quick on my phone.’ And then I’ll have these ideas and I’ll bring them to a write, and maybe I’ll have two or three ideas. Usually a chorus will be first and the last thing to come is the bridge, for whatever reason. It’s a skill though, so if you don’t do it for a while, you need to kind of do it again to get better at it. But you can also start with nothing and just someone will have a vibe on a guitar and you’re like, ‘Ooh, I like that,’ and you’ll start to hear a melody around that. So there’s a bunch of different ways these songs come to be.”

She has been performing a bunch at the legendary Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. Risa says, “I just wrote a new song called ‘In a Church Pew’ at the Bluebird. I haven’t put it out or even recorded it yet, but the Bluebird has a lot of special significance for me. The first time I went there, it was all the Garth Brooks writers, but not Garth Brooks. It changed my whole life hearing the song, ‘The Dance,’ sung by the writer. It changed my perspective on everything. The songwriters sit facing each other and you’re on the outside, listening, and you get ideas to write songs. It’s almost like being in a temple or a church. So I would write down song ideas. It is like the Grand Ole Opry for songwriters.”  Risa has been writing songs for her next project, which may include a full record. She says, “We’re 9 to 10 songs into our next project, and I’m not sure we know exactly how we’re releasing it. So far, ‘You Haul’ was a part of that project and so was ‘You Came Along.’ So we released two singles off the project. We haven’t really decided if will we put it out as a full record yet. But the creative process is still kind of the same thing. It’s going in and making the best music you can make and hoping that it gets out there and touches the hearts of people. So the truth is, we don’t know yet what it’s gonna be.”

Risa has created a unique experience for fans that attend her shows. She hosts Sweet and Greets after her shows. She explains, “We do these sweet and greets after the shows, and that’s kind of fun. There will be a meet and greet after these shows. So when you come to my show, it’s definitely a feel good vibe and it’s definitely family friendly and just a good time. At the end, usually I’ll find a vendor to come and join us for a little sweet and greet. It’s something sweet and a way to say thank you to my fans at the end.”

When asked about her biggest accomplishment as of now, she states, “Being able to get my legs on the road on tour opening for Ronnie Milsap. He’s a country legend. We just spent the last year on the road with ‘You Haul.’ I am looking forward to touring more. I have dates this summer. I’m looking for more dates in the fall. The goal is to be on the road as much as we can with a new baby. I’d love to open up for some people that I’ve written with and released songs with, so that’ll be what’s coming down the pike. So it’s exciting. My favorite thing to do is perform, so I’d love to have a healthy touring schedule. That’s kind of where I see myself, opening for larger acts and growing that way. As well as continuing to write and get really more connected in town, because you never know where a song is gonna go.”

via CountryBeatMagazine.com. See the full piece HERE.


Celeb Secrets Country Exclusive Interview: Risa Binder Talks Balancing Being Both an Artist and a New Mom

Celeb Secrets Country Exclusive Interview: Risa Binder Talks Balancing Being Both an Artist and a New Mom

Binder opens up to CS Country about having the best year ever since filming the music video for ‘You Came Along’ just weeks after giving birth.
by  Chelsea Cannon
June 14, 2018, 1:17 pm

See the full article on Celeb Secrets Country HERE.

Risa Binder has a lot on her plate these days and somehow still manages to be the bubbly, fabulous person we know and love.

This year, the country songstress released her new single “You Came Along” and welcomed a baby girl named Lielle shortly after. If that wasn’t enough, she filmed the music video for her single just weeks after giving birth — talk about being a super mom!

CS Country was able to sit down with Risa during her hectic 2018 CMA Music Festival schedule to discuss these life changing events happening one right after another and what the songstress is learning about her new mom lifestyle.

Check out our full Q&A with Risa Binder and make sure to check out the music video for “You Came Along” below!


CS Country: This is one of the best weeks to be in Nashville, do you have a specific CMA Fest memory that sticks out in your head?

Risa Binder: “I came here as a fan a couple of years ago, and just kind of said a prayer that maybe one day I could perform and so, I think it was the (Nissan) stadium show I went to, that was a fun memory; and then I think for me personally, last year getting to play the Hard Rock Stage, and being announced and putting out my first single last year, ‘You Haul.’ That’s probably my favorite.”

CS Country: You just released the music video for ‘You Came Along’, and CMT premiered it! Where were you when you watched it for the first time on CMT.com? 

Risa Binder: “I was sitting in my bedroom actually, with my newborn! I had tears in my eyes and my husband was with me, so that was really really cool.”

CS Country: And she (Lielle) was in the video!

Risa Binder: “She was! She was at the end, and it was so amazing and, that was a crazy day. We basically drove an hour outside of Nashville to film (the video). We packed it up, and camped out in our car, and made it happen, it was so fun.”

CS Country: How long did it take to film the music video? 

Risa Binder: “It was a two day, I think – but I think for us it was about five and a half hours, but it was so awesome. It was the first I’ve ever, um, filmed something that had drones. So, when we were driving up, there were these drones filming the young couple running down a field, and I was like ‘this is going to be so good.’ It was very exciting to see.”

CS Country: You released the single in March, and the baby had just been born. How is it balancing motherhood and being an artist while connecting with fans?

Risa Binder: “She was born February 8th – thank god for my team because we had prepared before hand, and I knew that there was the baby coming, then a video, and then the releasing of the single, so we were prepared, and we all put our heads together and made it happen. She’s 13 weeks now – I know it sounds nuts, but she was born, but I feel like I was also born in a way becoming a new mom. Sometimes I can’t even believe I AM a mom, I feel like I’m nannying for someone, but in the best way. I mean, she’s SO sweet – it definitely makes any free time you have that much more special. Really, that’s when I do a lot of my social media. I try to do it (social media) ever single day, so when I have 20 minutes to an hour – even if I have no make up on, I’m like ‘Okay! Get into a room and film something!'”

CS Country: What was the process for picking the single?

Risa Binder: “Haha! Heather (my publicist) and I were on the road all last year with my first single ‘You Haul’, and it was basically listening to what was coming down the pike. I have nine new songs recorded for a next album not knowing when it’s coming out – so we sat in the car just listening to things, and we thought it was going to be one song, and Heather listened and said, “Nope! That’s not it!” So she said, “here’s the one it’s gonna be.” What was weird and crazy was that when I recorded ‘You Came Along’, it was a long song about a guy basically, I didn’t know I was pregnant. So, when it became clear that we were having a baby, I was like “wait a minute, You Came Along is about her (Lielle). Then we got very emotional about it – it just locked in. It’s been so cool to have this be the second single.”

CS Country: What else is happening for you in the next couple of months? 

Risa Binder: “More touring, doing a show in July for a St. Jude benefit, which I always love doing, and just getting out on the road and getting the single out there!”


See the full article on Celeb Secrets Country HERE.

Risa Performs at CMA Fest

Risa Performs at CMA Fest

In Nashville? Catch Risa Binder during CMA Fest downtown!


  • June 6th at 12p for the CMA Fest Kickoff Show at Margaritaville
  • June 8th at 11:30a at the Wildhorse Saloon

CMT Interviews Risa Binder about New Music Video for "You Came Along"

Life Imitates Art for Risa Binder

Three-Month-Old Daughter Makes Her Music Video Debut in "You Came Along"

by lauren tingle 5/14/2018

Rising artist and new mom Risa Binder is seeing her dreams realized every day she makes music and continues to raise her growing family in Nashville.

The powerhouse vocalist has at least eight songs recorded for an upcoming album with producer Luke Wooten. And she just celebrated her first Mother’s Day with her husband Jordan and their first child, a three-month-old daughter named Lielle Rain.

“I always dreamed when I moved to Nashville that I’d be able to start a family here and do music,” Binder tells CMT.com. “I get emotional thinking about how this actually happening. This past Mother’s Day, I realized we’re carving out our dreams every day, and it’s unbelievable.”

Binder’s life imitates her art with the release her latest single, “You Came Along.” When she first recorded the song — co-written by Phil Barton, Lindsay Rimes and LOCASH’s Preston Brust and Chris Lucas — she didn’t know she was expecting. In the studio, she interpreted the uplifting lyrics as a love song at first. But after an almond milk cappuccino later became the first indicator that she was going to be a mom, the song took on a whole new meaning.

Binder explains she’s a huge believer in signs. The day before her performance at Nashville’s 2017 CMA Fest, Binder was at her favorite coffee place sitting down with her usual order when she noticed something different about the foam. Instead of one decorative heart, there were two.

“I have a favorite coffee shop I go to all the time, and they’ll put one heart in the coffee cup,” she says. “I went to sit down and there was a heart with another little heart coming out of it. And I was like, ‘I’m pregnant.’” Binder says she kept the news to herself before her suspicions were officially confirmed a week later following a radio tour.

Lielle makes her music video debut toward the end of the “You Came Along” music video, which was shot three weeks after she made her world debut. Director Doltyn Snedden filmed the cinematic piece, and it showcases the many gifts that unconditional love gives those who find it.

“We named her after my grandmother, who was named Lena, and Lielle means gift from God because she really was. I wasn’t expecting to be pregnant honestly and there she was. Rain has a lot of significance in our lives. The first kiss I had was Jordan was in the rain, and it rained on our wedding day. Our love story is her middle name.”

Binder will perform at Nashville’s Margaritaville on June 6 leading up to CMA Fest.


See more on CMT.com.

CMT.com Exclusively World Premieres Risa Binder's New Music Video For “You Came Along”

CMT.com exclusively world premiered Warehouse Records artist RISA BINDER’s new single, “You Came Along” this morning – check it out HERE. 

The digital release of Risa’s “You Came Along,” written by LoCashPhil Barton and Lindsay Rimes is available on iTunes, Amazon and all digital retailers (listen HERE). Produced by Luke Wooten (Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley, Kellie Pickler)Radio Disney recently added the song to their playlist;  and is receiving radio airplay nationwide.

See more on CMT.com.

CES at FSU To Present Singer-Songwriter Risa Binder

CES at FSU to present singer-songwriter Risa Binder

FROSTBURG — The On the Edge series at Frostburg State University will host Nashville-based singer-songwriter Risa Binder on Thursday, April 12, at 8:15 p.m. in the Alice R. Manicur Assembly Hall of FSU’s Lane University Center. The performance features informal table seating, couch and armchair seating, and food and beverage options.

A native of Maryland, Binder first broke onto the music scene with her critically acclaimed 2014 EP “Nashville” and received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for her song “Just Like That.” Binder, who splits her time between Brooklyn and Nashville, brings a background in musical theater to her pop-country endeavors, along with a love of classic singer/songwriters like James Taylor and Loretta Lynn. Her work is played often on Sirus/XM radio, and she tours with country musician Ronnie Milsap.

Tickets to her show are $18. Member and group discount rates are also available. Tickets may be ordered online by visiting ces.frostburg.edu or by calling 1-866-849-9237 or 301-687-3137. The box office is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Read more on WVNews.com.


Risa Shares Her Craziest Tour Story with Digital Tour Bus

Risa chatted with Digital Tour Bus and shared her craziest tour story yet. Check it out below!

January 19, 2018
Written by: Mariah Spiering

Crazy Tour Stories915 interview5236 Risa Binder1 Singer-Songwriter330
In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the singer-songwriter, Risa Binder, talks about some of her crazy moments from touring. You can check out the feature, after the break.

The first time I ever took a tour bus was nuts. I had flights booked for my band and me to open for Country Legend Ronnie Milsap in Florida. The morning of our flights, it snowed and all of our fights got cancelled. We did some quick thinking, got to the airport, rented a van and started driving to Atlanta— the closest airport to Nashville. We snagged some tickets to fly us out of Atlanta and to the show in Florida, but when we were just 20 minutes outside of Nashville, our flights were CANCELLED!

So, I had a sub drummer named Mitch, who I had never played with before, but he was about to become my guardian angel. Mitch, amidst all the panic, calmly said, “Would you consider taking a tour bus?” I had no idea what the cost of a tour bus was, but I had the cash to pay the band with me that could possibly be used to cover it. Mitch said he knew a driver and could make a phone call…and miraculously…that driver had the ONLY BUS LEFT in Nashville. He asked us to head back to Nashville and said he would meet us at midnight at the Nashville Airport. TOTALLY NUTS. So, we drove back, got supplies, and hopped on the bus.

The craziest thing is that I have a dream board on my wall and had a picture of a tour bus. I looked at that dream board every day and always saw the picture of a tour bus and just thought, “I wonder when my career would take off enough to the point that I would need to rent a tour bus..“ WELL, the Tour Bus that pulled up to The Nashville Airport at midnight to save the day was the EXACT COLOR AND MODEL that I had been looking at for the last year on my dream board.

We hopped on the bus, and a short 16 hours later, we were in Florida opening for Ronnie Milsap…and the final miracle of that day was that Ronnie asked us to continue to tour with him as an opener! Which we did for that next full YEAR! If I had just given up, I would have never had that incredible opportunity.


Read the full piece on Digital Tour Bus HERE.

Risa Binder's "You Haul" Listed as Top Songs In 2017

Click HERE to see the full article on Next Women of Country.

Next Women of Country lists their Top 20 Picks of songs for 2017, and Risa Binder is in the top 10! See below for the full list and listen to "You Haul" HERE.

1. April Kry "While We’re Young"
2. Jillian Jacqueline "God Bless This Mess"
3. Clare Bowen "Little By Little"
4. Carly Pearce “If My Name Was Whiskey” 
5. Runaway June "Wild West"
6. Kalie Shorr "Two Hands"
7. Risa Binder "You Haul"
8. Kaylyn Pace "Show You Around"
9. Danielle Bradbery "Sway"
10. Natalie Stovall "Wine or Whiskey" 
11. Lena Stone "Nervous"
12. Rachel Louise Taylor "Drive By Town"
13. Sarah J Michaels "The Good News"
14. Melissa Ramski "Masquerade"
15. Jess Chizuk "China Plates"
16. McKenna Faith "Poison"
17. Morgan Myles "Holy Water"
18. Ayla Brown "Label"
19. Megan Fowler "Tomorrow’s Just A Memory"
20. Rebecca Reeves "Back Road Take Me Home"


Click HERE to see the full article on Next Women of Country.

All Access Music Interviews Risa Binder

Read the full interview on AllAccess.com HERE!

Posted On 29 Nov 2017
By: Leah Brungardt

The newest single from the singer-songwriter Risa Binder is called “YOU HAUL.”  It’s a killer song (and video) about “hauling” your ex’s belongings after a breakup, and was co-written by Risa, produced by Luke Wooten (Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley).  Check it out HERE.

Risa, on Warehouse Records, just released “You Haul,” on iTunes, Amazon, and to country radio, and is currently on a radio tour.  Risa recently performed on the Hard Rock Stage at CMA Fest;  and was chosen for iHeartRadio / AT&T’s “About to Break” series as one of several artists to be featured for the special campaign.  Her episode was backed by a bank of on-air spots running across format relevant stations, along with national social and digital support on iHeartRadio and AT&T.  Risa’s earlier song “Just Like That,” was Emmy nominated for “Best Song in a Daytime Drama” after its prominent feature on “General Hospital.”

Risa’s previous single, “Pretty,” was recently released to iTunes and made its radio debut on SIRIUS/XM’s “The Highway.”   Risa also recorded “Pretty” with Luke Wooten, and is currently in the studio with him to finish her forthcoming full length CD.  Risa has already opened for such legends as James Taylor and Ronnie Milsap, supporting her debut country EP, NASHVILLE, which was also produced by  Wooten.  The EP features a collection of songwriters that includes Chuck Jones (Patti Labelle, Reba McEntire), Matraca Berg (Deana Carter’s “Strawberry Wine”), Phil Barton, and more.  Her song, “Gotta Have You,” debuted at #26 on the iTunes Country Releases chart, and quickly entered into heavy rotation on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio’s “The Highway” channel earlier this year. Additionally, Risa’s song “Just Like That,” was nominated for an Emmy for “Best Song in a Daytime Drama” after its prominent feature on “General Hospital.”

Yahoo! Music has praised Risa’s “distinctive flair for the storytelling aspect of country music,” and Country Weekly says “(the song will) make you want to visit” (the city). The EP follows up Risa’s debut album PAPER HEART, which earned her comparisons to Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillat, and spotlights from the Billboard, Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Tonight and M Magazine.


Thanks for your time for another All Access today! Where does this interview find you? Is there music playing in the background? If so, what is it? What music gets you instantly out of a bad mood? What is a song you are loving these days?
Thank you for the interview! Today I’m at the Mohegan Sun getting ready to perform for a radio listener show tonight! I’m still obsessed with the latest Lady Antebellum record Heart/Break so that always puts me in a great mood. I’m also loving the new song Keith Urban song “Female” it was written by some of my hero songwriters

Growing up, did you always want to be a musician? Can you recall your earliest musical memory? Was there a time where you thought of doing something completely different?
I always wrote songs..and sang from when I was in elementary school…I remember clearly wishing that a girl would move next door to me so I made up  song and sang it out the window and then a week later 5 girls moved next door!! That was the first time I realized that Music is Magic.

Musically, did you approach this year any differently then you did last year? How has 2017 been treating you and your career? What are you most excited about for in 2018?
2017 has been the most exciting year yet for me musically! Having my single “You Haul” being played on country radio has been a dream come true and I’m thankful that it’s being received so well! We started the radio tour he day after I sang at CMA Fest in Nashville in June ..so it’s been an incredible adventure so far! I’m so excited to take my live show on the road more in 2018! To revisit the places that have played me on radio and perform for them and to open for some great country acts in 2018!

I always like to ask artists about where they came from and how that city or town has influenced them as an artist now. So how do you think your hometown has affected you and your music today? What about your life in Nashville today?
My hometown of Columbia Maryland is so supportive of the arts. I absolutely loved growing up there..and then living in New York for a while before moving to Nashville was dreamy too! I get inspiration to write from the people and energy of New York..I love being on the subway and hearing different languages and studying people.

When I first discovered Nashville about 8 years ago …it was like a magnet was pulling me there. Every time I visited something synchronistic would happen..something “Meant to be” …I knew I would end up making my home there!

Let’s talk about your latest single, “YOU HAUL.” Where did the inspiration for this track come from? How different do you think it is to anything else you’ve previously released?
You Haul was a title I had for a while and I knew I had to wait for the right cowrite to make it work..when I met Vanessa Oliverez and Karl Rybecki I knew they would get my silly idea and help me make it better than I could on my own! We had a blast writing it and I knew we had something special when it was finished ..it has a fun attitude about it which is different then most songs I write

How do you think have continued to grow as an artist over the years? What has changed about the way you write music and ultimately put together a song? What were the songs like that you wrote as a young girl? Do you still have them? 
Every time I write a new song..or perform on a new stage I think I grow as an artist. I love learning and soaking up new ideas like a sponge so I’m always open in a room and I try my hardest to be positive and say yes to all new ideas

I still do have some of the songs I wrote as a little girl..I journal so they are in my many diarys

You have had so many amazing touring and performing experiences, can you pick a few that really stand out the most to you? Do you still get nervous right before you are supposed to go on stage?
I love the nervous excited feeling I get before performing.. there is a joy there too ..to get to share my music on stage with you..which is one of my favorite feelings in the world..I think the two experiences

What are some upcoming show dates you have this fall and winter?
I’m on radio tour so I’m performing at stations across the US and it’s so fun! We just did a listener show in Colorado and 2 days ago we did two listener shows in Mayland this week!

With the summer over now, what was something fun or new that you tried this summer?Actually this summer I found out that I am pregnant! So that’s new! Haha! I’m due in February!

How active are you on social media? How important do you think it has all been to your career? Do you find that it’s hard to keep up to date on all the different platforms?
I am on social media every day and I love using it as positive place to bring joy to my friends and fans! It’s become a daily ritual when I get my coffee in the morning to share some fun stuff with everyone online.

We are living in a crazy and at times rough world right now so I am curious how you think being a musician gives you the most joy in life today? Do you think that new music being created today is going to reflect these difficult times? 
I think there is an “artist in every person” and the more we are creative and hone our skills of creativity…themore good and hope we can put out into the world. Music is a connector and a healer…I love bringing joy to people in my live shows and hearing their stories afterwards..

Who are some of your favorite artists or rather, what musicians have continued to inspire you and your music? What musicians would you absolutely love to work with in the future?
I’m so inspired by great songwriters Nicole Galyon..Shane Macanally ..Phil Barton..Emily Shackleton great artists like Reba, Shania, Garth Brooks and new artists like Cam and Canaan Smith ..Lucie Silvas..Carly Pearce..Raelynn

What do you hope fans take away from your music? Do you think there is a message to a lot of your songs?
I hope fans leave my show feeling inspired..feeling happy..knowing they can carve out the dream that’s in their hearts and make it happen! Keep following

What advice would you give to a young person who is thinking about becoming a musician one day?
There is only one you. And You have an important story to tell. Stay in your own lane and carve out your own road..it’s a roller coaster ride for sure…but connecting with your audience through song is the most rewarding feeling!

Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers about yourself, your music or the show?
Check out the “You Haul” music video on YouTube ..we break lots of stuff on set and I lost my toaster in the making of the video.

I would love to see ya at a future show! Connect with me online! My website is risabinder.com and you can find some fun stuff on there ..Follow me on Instagram and twitter at @risastuff and on Facebook at Risa Binder!


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The Digital Journal Reviews Spitfire Country Single "You Haul: "It rocks!"

Review: Risa Binder rocks on spitfire country single 'You Haul' SPECIAL

Read the full piece on The Digital Journal HERE.

Up-and-coming country songstress Risa Binder has released her new spitfire country singe "You Haul," and it rocks. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Binder co-wrote this break-up song with songwriters Vanessa Olivarez and Karl Rybecki. Her breathy and refreshing vocals are reminiscent of such songstresses as LeAnn Rimes meets Gretchen Wilson.

"We'll pack it up in a 'You Haul,' baby where you're going' doesn't matter at all, I've had enough, for too long, every trip to the truck gets you closer to gone, babe, I packed it up, now You Haul," she sings, in the opening verse.

Her song's music video is witty, sassy and a great deal of fun. She sure knows how to have a good time, especially with her female friends who make a cameo in the video.
"You Haul" is available on iTunes, and on Spotify.

Overall, Risa Binder delivers on her latest radio single and music video for "You Haul." The song garners 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Country Music Minute Features "You Haul" Music Video

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RISA BINDER has released the music video for her new single, “YOU HAUL” and it’s a killer song (and video) about “hauling” your ex’s belongings after a breakup! Co-written by Risa and produced by Luke Wooten (Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley) this upbeat song will have you certainly singing along!

“I’m on a mission to bring my own style of happiness to the world with these songs. I’m a person who does what her heart tells her to do, and my goal is to make music that will get people pumped to follow their dreams.”-Risa


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The Country Note Exclusive: Risa Binder Talks About Tank Top, Her Latest Single “You Haul” And More

August 14, 2017
By: Lindsey Sipe

Emmy nominated for a soap opera song. Razorback tank top designer. Singer. Songwriter. What doesn’t Risa Binder do? The Country Note sat down with the “You Haul” singer to discuss General Hospital, new music, “the magic of Nashville”, and where you can get the adorable “Sing, Write, Repeat” tank top!

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Listen to Risa's latest single "You Haul" HERE.

Risa Talks with The Digital Journal about New Single "You Haul"

Risa chatted with The Digital Journal about her new single "You Haul"! Read the piece below or see more on TheDigitalJournal.com.

By Markos Papadatos     Aug 11, 2017
Up-and-coming country songstress Risa Binder chatted with Digital Journal about her new single "You Haul," as well as the digital transformation of the country music scene.

On her new song "You Haul," she said, "I had the title of the song for a while, and waited until I was in a co-write with friends who would find the idea funny. We decided it would be about 'What would happen if you were going through a breakup but instead of it breaking your heart, your friends came over and helped you celebrate the breakup!' So we wrote about that. A Breakup, Pack it Up, Party!"

Regarding the concept for the song's music video, she said, "The concept was about creating that party vibe on set while packing up the house. I was looking forward to breaking things on set too. So we thought about what my boyfriend would have around the house that we could break, which is totally opposite from my personality. I would probably never do that in real life. My director, Patrick Tohill, went to a Goodwill and found old trophies and a lava lamp and we had a blast filming all of it!"

On her future plans, she said, "Right now, I'm on a radio tour for 'You Haul,' which is so amazing. We are traveling the country meeting radio music Directors and DJs and performing for them. My future plans include continuing to tour, write, record adding in more live shows. I love performing live."

Her biggest influences in country range from Reba McEntire, to Shania Twain, to Martina McBride and Mary Chapin Carpenter. "There are so many incredible female artists and they inspire my writing and live performance," she admitted.
On the digital transformation of the country music industry, she said, "I couldn't predict that there would be so many different avenues online to find music, which makes it easier to access the music. I can reach my audience more immediately and connect on a personal and creative level," she said.

When asked how the songstress uses technology in her daily routine, she responded, "I am a huge fan of social media. I see it as a platform to brighten people's day and inspire people to live their happiest life .I try to make it a routine to post inspirational messages and simple things that make me happy such as a cup of coffee from my favorite shop. A quote that motivates me: 'If I can make one person's life more positive in a day, then I feel like I'm doing my job."
She listed Brett Eldredge and Canaan Smith as her dream male duet choices in country music. "I am a huge fan of Canaan Smith. We wrote together when I first got to town and I loved singing with him on the demo we did. I look forward to possibly singing a duet with him in the future! That would rock," she said.

For her fans, she concluded about "You Haul," "I recorded the song with producer Luke Wooten who has produced Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley, Kellie Picker, and several other incredible performers. If you listen closely to the song towards the end, my girlfriends came to the studio and had wine with me and we hung out and created a party vibe in the studio when we recorded it so there are parts where we are yelling and laughing in the background toward the end of the song. It was so much fun!"

Download or stream "You Haul" HERE or see the new music video on YouTube HERE!

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"You Haul" New Music Video Premiere via Taste of Country

Risa Binder turns a breakup into a declaration of independence in the video for her new single, “You Haul.” Watch the official video on Taste Of Country HERE!

The country singer’s had it with her no-good man, and she decides it’s time for him to vacate the premises — whether he wants to or not. While he’s out of the house, she calls her girlfriends over for a “drinkin’, packin’ party,” haphazardly throwing his stuff into boxes and tossing it onto a moving truck for him.

“I’ve had enough for too long / Every trip to the truck gets you closer to gone / Babe I packed it up, now you haul,” she sings in the chorus, her infectious voice buoyed by powerful electric guitar chords.

Binder co-wrote “You Haul” with Vanessa Olivarez and Karl Rybacki and worked with producer Luke Wooten on the track.

“I loved every minute recording ‘You Haul,'” she tells us. “It’s a super fun party vibe breakup song, letting you celebrate the next part of your life after a relationship ends. Sometimes ya got to party!”

“You Haul” is currently available via iTunes and Amazon, and Binder has also released the song to country radio.

The singer performed on the Hard Rock Stage during the 2017 CMA Fest in June, and iHeartRadio and AT&T also featured her in their About to Break series. Binder was previously nominated for an Emmy for Best Song in a Daytime Drama after her song “Just Like That” was featured on General Hospital.

Watch the full, official video on Taste of Country now! Click HERE to view!

Listen or download "You Haul" HERE.

Country Music Matters Reviews Risa Binder's "You Haul"

Country Music Matters Reviews Risa Binder's "You Haul"

(Written by Heidi Bryan/CMM Contributor)
Read the full piece on Country Music Matters HERE.

“I’m on a mission to bring my own style of happiness to the world with these songs. I’m a person who does what her heart tells her to do, and my goal is to make music that will get people pumped to follow their dreams.” Reading this quote from Risa Binder reminds us of just one of the reasons we all fell in love with country music in the first place. The Happiness we all felt that came from song written of love won or the pain of love loss. Risa brings honesty and spunk to her music with every word she sings.

Risa is popularly known as the city girl with a country heart and her new single “You Haul” is evidence that it is true. It is the ultimate girl anthem of any woman when enough is finally enough. When asked about how she felt recording her new single she said “I loved every minute recording ‘You Haul’ – it’s a super fun party-vibe breakup song, letting you celebrate the next part of your life after a relationship ends.  Sometimes ‘ya got to party!” It has the fire of a Miranda Lambert song with the sweetness that only Risa could bring to it. Grammy Award winning producer Luke Wooten produced “You Haul” and is also producing her EP to be released later this year.

Risa Binder is the whole package. She is bubbly, entertaining, and you feel her personality in her music. Take a listen… Just prepare yourself for the musical journey that Risa Binder will take you down. Take some time to check out her website in case there is something you may have missed.

(Written by Heidi Bryan/CMM Contributor)

Read the full story on Country Music Matters HERE.

Click here to download or listen to "You Haul"!

Risa Chats with Country Music Minute - See the Interview!

During CMA Fest, Risa met up with Country Music Minute to talk about the new single "You Haul," songwriting, and more.

“I’m a person who does what her heart tells her to do, and my ultimate goal is to make music that will get people pumped to follow their dreams the way I continue to follow mine.”

Risa recently released her new single, “You Haul,” on iTunes, Amazon, and all digital retailers on June 2.  “You Haul” was produced by Grammy Award winning producer Luke Wooten (Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley), who is also in the studio with Risa for a full length album to be released later this year.  

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